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Publisher: Timber Creek Publications; 1 edition July 10,. Parents need to know that The Color Purple is a moving, inspirational novel told in letters that includes an abundance of mature content -- explicit sex, rape. At the heart of Simple Abundance is an authentic awakening, one that resonates There are six principles that will act as guides as we make our inner journey over.

Most women know what makes their parents, partners, or children happy. Simple Abundance has ratings and reviews. Carey said: Simple Abundance shows you how your daily.. This is one of my mom's favorite books.

Thanks again. I am a working, homeschooling mama to four kiddos. I totally agree with you that being organized is paramount with being flexible. Thanks for your encouragement. Your blog was just recommended to me. Wendy, good luck! Talk about some learning from life, there!


23 Best SIMPLE ABUNDANCE images | Abundance, Book club books, Libros

This is a great post!!! I love reading tips from other working homeschool moms. Finding balance is huge right now for me. Thankfully I have my husband helping who is a huge motivator for me. Thanks for the encouragement! Heather, thank you so much for the kind words! If you work outside the home full time as a single parent and unschool, when does school work get done? Who cares for the child while you are working? There are almost an infinite number of options there; my goal is to just encourage families to be looking for them!

The real dilemma for me is having the income to support us. My plan is to go to a school has a Women with Children program, and get a degree in accounting, which I feel that I can do a lot with, and either grow my own business in the mean-time, or find a job with a company where I can work from home. This post has given me a lot of good ideas and things to think about. I hope you keep us posted on your progress! Love this post! It gave me such encouragement and best of all, made me laugh — I needed that!

I work full time and am 9 weeks in to my first year in a blended program with my 6th and 8th graders. They attend a Charter two days per week and work at home three days. It has been a challenge finding our groove and I admit I have had several melt downs in the process. I think most of the stress comes from having the traditional school mindset. Like the pirate code, the lesson plan is just a guideline right? I am getting there, but your post really helps.

Just knowing there are other moms and dads out there in the same boat helps so much! I love your idea about the pirate code — embrace that!

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I love this post! Thank you so much for such a rich and varied source of information. There are so many great resources in here. Thank you soooo much for this post. This is great but what do you do with your child while you and the other parent are working? I would love to home school my 8 year old and I know I have the discipline and organizational skills to make it work but we both work outside of the home.

How can I accomplish this? I really need some helpful advice because it has been eating at me that I cannot figure it out lol. Kayla, thanks for asking! We had day-on-day-off with my friend Laura and her family for three years when I was homeschooled, as both my parents worked full-time! Another thing that some people pursue is alternate-shift work. There is definitely no easy answer — some people have to go so far as to change jobs to one with more flexible scheduling, or the ability to bring a child to work or telecommute. Can you try to meet up with homeschooling parents in your area Facebook is a great place to connect with them and see if anyone clicks who might be a partner?

Is there any ability to ask about changing shifts or work-from-home? Find one thing you can explore and see where it goes. Thanks for all the encouraging ideas here. I have 4 boys between the ages of 3 and 9. You nailed it — priorities and organization. Yes, we eat more takeout than is probably good.

No, my floors are not always clean. But I am working full-time, freelancing, going to grad school, homeschooling and spending time with my family. Thank you so much for writing this!!

A Single Parents Guide to Simple Abundance

I am thinking of homeschooling my daughter 4. Everyone in my life, besides my husband, thinks it will be too much. I needed more! This was perfect, so thank you so so much!! I have enjoyed all your advice on every subject so far. He has been in school for a year and we are thinking of home schooling again.

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The problem is do you have advice on joining a group that meets after hours. I have yet to find one, or even one with High School students. I live in the middle of Pa too. York area. Hi Sara!

get more out of your (reading) life

We live in York County too, small world! I have yet to find one of them with non-daytime meetups regularly, but there are a lot of organizations that meet in the evenings. Our biggest one is 4-H — Sarah is a member of three clubs in York County and has meetings almost every week. That is a good mix of both homeschoolers and public-school kids from all over the county, so you get to meet a very wide variety of people!

What I find is that our life is very different from most of the local homeschoolers, who often want to double up on social get-togethers and academics during the day and then have family time at night.

And hey, maybe we can start an evening get-together group! I found your website by chance tonight as I was looking for solutions. We decided to home school my daughter who is in 8th grade at semester break due to bullying at school, along with some medical issues she has had. We are struggling to make it all work, and I feel like the hamster on the wheel that never stops.