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For a special treat for your fabric-happy crafter, plan a day trip to Houston to High Fashion Fabric Center, and let them go wild.

Silk Road, N. Sew Much More, W. Anderson, , www. Sears, Hancock Center, E. I, ; www. High Fashion Fabric Center, www. They're gonna spend it on essentials, like beer, maybe a carton of ramen, or a bong. This makes shopping for the freshly free an easy feat. The to year-old is starting from scratch, so all the makings of a home make for good presents. For example: towels, kitchen utensils, throw rugs, laundry baskets, answering machines, books, desk lamps, etc.

Look around any house, and whatever you lay your eyes on or find at yard sales will most likely make a great gift for the young adult in your life. And, hey, if they don't like it, they can pawn it. Don't kid yourselves: Even at this tender age, they're totally familiar with that racket.

Kids fresh on their own rarely can afford the luxury of shopping sprees. This is the one case where money and gift cards are superb gestures. Your pup can pretend for one day that he or she actually is liquid.

And if your young one has an idea of future career goals, then work with that: A Physicians' Desk Reference or stethoscope for the wannabe doctor, ketamine for the aspiring vet, a kiddie pool for the budding marine biologist, pounds upon pounds of coffee and cigarettes for your aspiring journalist How to Shop With Political Consideration For chrissakes, what's wrong with a little thoughtfulness when it comes to someone else's differing beliefs? A greeting is a greeting.

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That's a decision best left to you and your personal saviors. While many people dismiss this type of open-mindedness as "politically correct," we like to call it "politically considerate. Oh, it slipped your mind, or you didn't know? Well, why the hell are you giving gifts to people you don't even really know in the first place?

Don't give self-help books or self-improvement gifts unless the person has asked for it. Your good intentions won't matter as they open your carefully wrapped weight-loss program, Proactiv Solution starter kit, and bottle of mouthwash and die a little inside. Merry Christmas!

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If you have a year-old goth daughter and think that pink sundress at the mall is just so cute and decide to buy it for her along with a gift card to Claire's, expect 10 more layers of black eyeliner and a fresh row of piercings just to make sure that you get the point next time around. If your grumpy-ass grandpa spends most dinners with the family going on and on about how great we are doing in Iraq and how Dubya's "his boy," skip the spiritual enlightenment book The Four Agreements and stick with historical fiction instead.

And lawn jockeys? Bad idea. Even if they are painted "tan.

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To him, barcodes are the mark of the beast, and cell phones are little more than tracking devices disguised as fancy toys. He is Paranoid Guy, and may the good Lord have mercy on any fat, bearded man sneaking down his chimney. What can you get this fretful fella that won't get him frothing about giant owls in the woods? Aside from just about anything from Alex Jones' online boutique infowars-shop.


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Because ink alone can neither incriminate nor vindicate. For when your cuff-link camera isn't enough. Beauty's a bitch. Maybe if you're talking Atari vs.

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Test games on several stations scattered throughout the store. Game Over Videogames is a smaller local store that also has novelty items including Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog plush toys, Nintendo Monopoly , and video-game-themed apparel. Gamefellas, Northcross Mall, W. Anderson, Game Over Videogames, W. Anderson , , www. Engrave it, and you're on their good side for another year. Bottle openers shaped like parrots, dolls, etc.

The Cadeau also stocks a collection of cut-crystal plates and vases for the woman you now call "mom. Moms-in-law will be more impressed with the fact that you picked something fantastic out from a local business instead of just picking up a gift certificate. Shop now; sadly, the shop is closing.

Lord of the White Hell, Book 2

The Cadeau, Guadalupe, ; N. Lamar, It's great for relieving the pain and stiffness of all that holiday giving and receiving.

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Swings aren't just for the playground anymore: Tapelenders has high-quality leather swings great for working off those holiday pounds. Jewelry is always a good standby. Wear them around your neck, wrist, or Tapelenders, W.

A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster

Fifth, , www. Forbidden Fruit, Neches, ; E. North Loop, ; www. For fun twists on typical party gifts, Zinger Hardware has printed cocktail napkins with slogans including "If a bear shits in the woods, should I drink a cocktail? How to Buy a Bike for a Kid Eschew the conventional wisdom: Size does matter when buying a bike for a smaller person.

Don't buy with the idea that they'll grow into it and that a simple seat-lowering will take care of them for the time being. For the wee tots ages , look for inch to inch wheels. Save the inch the common chain or toy-store size for the bigger tykes Consider buying from a local dealer who can adjust the fit perfectly to the child and allow for a growth spurt or two, better than any straight-off-the-rack bike can. If junior can sit comfortably with both feet on the ground and reach the handlebars arms slightly bent , then it's a fit.

Also, don't be too eager to get the latest or coolest style. Your kid may be quite comfortable being a nerd with little interest in shredding the neighborhood on a BMX. Take your progeny with you to see how they react to different styles. Do include a gift card for extras like baskets and bells.

University Cyclery, N. Few things say luxury and indulgence like time at a spa. From a simple pedicure or facial to massages, scrubs, and peels to medical treatments like microdermabrasion, Botox, and Restylane to an all-day package for the both of you. What better way to recover from the holiday stress and face the New Year?