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He continuously emphasizes throughout his biography that while he enjoys football that it is ultimately just a game, which is over at the end of 60 minutes. His passion as youth was playing football and basketball with friends in the Ann Arbor , Jackson and Lansing , Michigan areas. His parents, Wilbur and CleoMae Dungy, were both educators. During his college years, he played football at the University of Minnesota. He has five children and encourages his players and coaches to spend time with their families.

During the season, his son, Jamie, committed suicide. Dungy's decision to continue coaching football following his devastating loss was arrived through prayer.

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From a historical perspective, I discovered what life was like for African Americans in Jackson during the s; more importantly, Wilbur Dungy, who was an instructor at Jackson Community College , was one of the first African-American college professors in the United States. Some of his football memories were priceless gems in the history of football, especially his remembrances about the Detroit Lions pulverizing the Buccaneers in the s. Dungy also provides excellent examples of leadership, character, wisdom, and overall outlook on life.

I would recommend Quiet Strength to football fans as well as anyone interested in an outstanding book about inner peace and personal strength. Airways Flight All of sudden, the plane runs into a flock of birds, the engines fails, and an emergency landing in the Hudson River becomes inevitable. Miraculously, all passengers and crew members survived. There were only a handful of injuries.

Gratuitous Spanish

The amazing story of January 15, , grips the nation, and Captain Sullenberger becomes an American hero. Overall, I enjoyed learning about the extraordinary life of Captain Sullenberger, but the book is very detailed and slow moving. I even discovered that he likes onions on his enchiladas. I would have liked the book to focus more on the events of Flight and his life after the heroic landing.

High Fidelity () - IMDb

If you have a passion for the military or commercial aviation, you would be captivated by the life of Captain Sullenberger. Tecumseh District Library N. I like stories about books and bookstores and the people who work there, and this novel delivered all three. Thanks to the generosity of a family friend, she is given a plane ticket to NYC and the opportunity to start a new life there.

By chance Rosemary wanders into a huge, messy used bookstore and knows this is where she belongs. The novel contains plenty of eccentric characters, a book-related mystery and enough book history to make it fascinating. The writing itself was full of rich and descriptive vocabulary — quite beautiful. It takes 8 year-old Oriana, an old book, a librarian who won't give up and a quirky cast of characters to show Amanda and Harry, that with a little help from a whole lot of friends and trees there is life and love after loss.

And if Oriana will succeed in lining up all stars just right, they might indeed This book is a gift and a treasure. I was taken away by the author's ability of writing a modern fairy tale with so much depth and credibility.

Eleanor Robins

His characters are so believable and the story is so magical. This book is a must for all the dreamers among us who still believe in fairy tales. But Helena is harboring a secret she thinks she can keep locked away deep down within herself. Everything is starting to unravel when a kidnapper and murderer escapes from prison and Helena has to make a heart-rending decision. Because who will be better suited to find the Marsh King in the depth of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, then the person who knows him best, the Marsh King's Daughter! This book left me breathless, it was so fast paced.

As I read it, I could see it as a movie in my head. The author did a fabulous job describing the gorgeous, yet at times inhospitable scenery of the U. Dionne delivered a nail biter and a great suspense novel. At a dinner party, Logan and Maddie witness an attempt on the First Lady. Suddenly, Maddie is living like a hermit in remote Alaska. Maddie becomes an outdoorswoman and acquires survival skills. Maddie is dumbfounded when she sees Logan after six years. She is upset that Logan never returned her letters and keeps him at a distance. After Logan is kidnapped, Maddie is the only person who can rescue Logan due to unforeseen circumstances.

During the rescue attempt, Maddie and Logan grow closer. Maddie is a strong leading character that readers will respect. Each chapter begins with a brief letter from Maddie to Logan describing her time in Alaska. The fact that Maddie is trying to save Logan from an abductor is actually believable because of her independence, vast knowledge of the Alaskan terrain and survival skills. The action is nonstop and readers will root for this pair to romantically connect and survive their tormentors. This collection of sixteen short stories by young adult authors tackles love triangles in traditional and untraditional settings while romance is always lingering at the forefront.

Well-developed characters make decisions about love that will greatly impact their futures. Many of the stories involve situations where characters make unconventional choices demonstrating that a different path can lead to happiness.

  1. Male and Female (Intimate Marriage Series).
  2. Sassys 90 Day Venture.

Louisa must decide if she will follow her hired protector from the zombie undead; Mavis decides to either miss an important running event or follow the bad boy leaving town; Eva must make a selection who to repopulate the planet with; Maya will dance with a stranger, but will it lead to something more; and Ruby must decide who she really wants to teach kissing lessons to.

Each story represents strong and likable characters even if you don't agree with their decisions. Some stories are open ended leaving the reader either frustrated or wondering which decision the character would ultimately make. Each story is so uniquely different and covers a variety of different genres that it will have widespread appeal.

With stories involving zombies, spaceships, and the historical south, readers will have no trouble finding their favorite story. Violet is attending Comic Con with her two best friends and younger brother. They are going to meet the lead actor in their favorite book and movie, The Gallows Dance. The Gallows Dance is about two classes of citizens, the Imps and the Gems. The Gems are the super elite humans who rule over the lesser Imps. During their time in the story, Violet falls in love and even manages to alter the ending of the story. This novel provides the reader with a great storyline which includes action, adventure, and romance.

Violet is admirable in her efforts to aid the Imps in their rebellion while trying to protect her brother and her friends. An act of betrayal during the story changes everything that will leave readers shocked. The continual shift keeps the readers interest while guessing the outcome. Readers become invested in the cause and the ending is both shocking and revealing. City of Bastards is the second novel in the Royal Bastards series and it begins where the first novel ended. Tilla has fled from her home and treasonous father Lord Kent who is planning war on the kingdom Lightspire.

She arrives there with her boyfriend Zell and best friend Princess Lyrianna. When a secret plot comes to light, Tilla must act quickly to ensure the safety of the King and Lightspire. Readers new to the series will be confused at the very beginning and the backstory of Royal Bastards is slowly revealed throughout this novel. Despite the initial confusion, readers quickly become immersed in the rapidly developing storyline which has elements of magic, danger and conspiracy theories. The storyline is fluid and the reader never knows which direction it will turn. Readers joining late to the series will find themselves reading the first novel as they desperately await the third.

According to the author Andrew Lloyd Webber finally succumbed to pressure and finished Volume 1 of his life story. This is a book of almost pages and it ends with the curtain rising on "The Phantom of the Opera".

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I was a bit apprehensive at first starting such an - obviously - very detailled autobiography, but I am very glad, I did. It is written with the typical British wit, tongue in cheek, and the author never takes himself or his extraordinary life too seriously throughout the book.