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The People I've Smiled With. By Marshall P. Paper covers, 50 cents ; fine edition, with portraits, cloth, gilt top, etc. This book has been one of the great successes of the past year. At the reduced price of 50 cents it is bound to have an enormous audience. Clark Russell, author of "The Wreck of the Grosvenor," etc.

Storm King's Thunder

Now ready. A series of biographical studies of the lives and work of certain representative historical charac- ters, about whom have gathered the great tradi- tions of the Nations to which they belonged, and who have been accepted, in many instances, as types of the several National ideals.

With the life of each typical character will be presented a picture of the National conditions surrounding him during his career. The narratives are the work of writers who are recognized authorities on their several subjects, and, while thoroughly trustworthy as history, will present picturesque and dramatic "stories" of the Men and of the events connected with them. The Series will be under the editorial super- vision of Evelyn Abbott, M.

Put- nam simultaneously in New-York and London. A full prospectus sent upon application. New and cheaper edition. Octavo, pp. The Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin. With explanatory notes, biographical and historical notices, complete list of the authors and an index, together with a number of the prose selections, including the papers on American Affairs, the personal and abusive indexes, etc.

Full text of "The century illustrated monthly magazine"

Edited by Charles Edmunds. Limited edition.

The Story of the Barbary Corsairs. With the collaboration of Lieut. Jerrold Kelley, U. The Story of Rnssia. Morfill, of Oriel College, Oxford. Russia : Its People and Its Literature. By Emilia Pardo Bazan. Translated from the Spanish by Fanny H. This remarkable and brilliant work was originally given in the form of essays before the Spanish Athenaeum at Madrid, — a body composed of the foremost authors and scholars of Spain. The essays received such hearty recognition that they were soon issued in book form ; and they now appear, for the first time, in an Eng- lish translation. A Short History of Mexico.

By Arthur Howard Noll. Beginning with the earliest Aztec civ- ilization in Mexico, it gives an epitome of all that is clearly known regarding that somewhat cloudy but ever fascinating period of his- tory; sketches rapidly and clearly the events of the Spanish con- quest; details the rise and fall of the First and Second Empires, culminating in the death of Maximilian, and ends with Mexico as a Republic. Raphael ; or, Pages of the Book of Life at Twenty. Laurel Crowned Tales. This dreamy, imaginative, poetic tale has long been known as one of the purest gems of French literature.

American readers will be delighted to welcome an English translation of " Raphael " in this most fastidious edition. It is a worthy continuation of the series which contains Johnson's " Rasselas " and Laboulaye's " Abdallah. By Madame Bigot Mary Healy. Bigot Mary Healy , who is known through her charming little story, " A Mere Caprice," which, when written in French, re- ceived the high honor of being "crowned" by the French Academy, has written another brilliant short story with the title "A Foreign Match.

It is simple in construction, is easily followed; and abounds in brilliant passages and dramatic situations. A Winter Holiday in Summer Lands. By Julia Newell Jackson. A pleasantly written and easily read short book of travels. The author, with a small party of friends, made a winter excursion to Cuba, thence to Mexico, returning overland.

Her stay in Cuba and Mexico was of uncommon interest, and the descriptions of life and society in these romantic places are given in a delightful vein, with apt feminine touches and playful wit. By Mary Hartwell Catherwood.

My Grimoire --Water Witch Niaya

Illustrated by Enoch Ward. It is a stronger book than 'The Romance of Dollard. Compiled by Henry F. By Charles L. Profusely illustrated.

With efficiency to unlock more opportunities

By Mary Abbott. For sale by booksellers generally, or will be sent, post-paid, on receipt of the price by the publishers, A. The International Cyclopedia. I have tested it in many ways, such as have been suggested by my own reading, and have found it re- markably accurate. Officially adopted for use in all the schools of this city.

I find it exactly the book of reference best suited for family use. It gives both sides of important questions, and decides nothing. Just such a work as every edu- cated man needs. Hagar, Principal As a work of reference in our public schools it has no superior. Howell, Supt. Those who do not wish to buy a separate biographical dictionary will find the fullest list of names in con- temporary biography, American and foreign, in the International.

Is used continually in our school. We like it very much. Parker, — Principal Cook Co. It can fittingly be called a working cyclopedia, making its aid felt in all callings — in the minister's study, lawyer's office, the schoolroom, library and home. Paintings and Water Colors by the most eminent modern masters. High-Class Etchings. Free by mail for 10 cents in stamps, our new descriptive catalogue No. Union Square , New-York. Richly illustrated. Issued weekly. Send stamp for specimen copy to the publishers.

This establishment is among the largest and best- equipped in the country, with every requisite nec- essary for the production of the smallest pamphlet or the largest book.

Angling International - July 2016 - issue 102

Fire-proof vaults for the safe- keeping of plates. Mention The Century. Various sizes, mounted and unmounted. Italian Views.

Braun's Carbon Photographs. Imported direct by C. New i88q Catalogue of ioo pp. A ledger in place of a full set of books.

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Con- venient forms for all entries. Easily applied, simple, saves time. West's Self-proving Balance locates every error. Send three 2-cent stamps for illustrated page pamphlet. Unmounted Photographs of Ancient and Modern Works of Art, embracing reproduc- tions of famous original paint- ings, sculpture, architecture, etc. Lantern Slides to Send 15 cents for catalogue and supplement of 12, subjects.

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    Principal Agencies: E. Vickery, Grant Avenue, San Francisco. Please mention The Century.