Guide Weight Loss Failure is NOT your Fault!

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  1. It's Really Not Your Fault If You're Overweight
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  3. The Weight Loss Trap: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working
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The following is an excerpt. Difference 1 Fat people eat for pleasure Fit people eat for health. The average person fortunate enough to live in a modern society with an abundance of food and the luxury of eating anytime, views eating primarily as a pleasurable activity. Fit people see eating primarily as a means to increase health, energy and vitality.

It's Really Not Your Fault If You're Overweight

Food is viewed as a means to an end, rather than an end itself. While fat people are buying into advertising and connecting food with happiness, people who are thin and healthy ignore commercial propaganda and choose to educate themselves on the healthiest foods available. As a result of this vast difference in thinking and behavior, fat people eat for pleasure and create a never ending cycle of emotional addiction that accompanies an ever-expanding waistline.

They experience nightmares about heart attacks, diabetes, and an overall loss of energy and stamina. Fit people choose to discipline themselves before they put anything in their mouth, and are able to enjoy what they eat without the guilt or fear of slowly destroying their own health.

They know they will be healthier after a meal than they were before. Fat people expend more mental energy worrying about the aftereffects of poor food choices than fit people do in planning their diets. The thoughts that preoccupy the out of shape and obese segment of society are powered primarily by fear. These people are fat, but not stupid. They know they're slowly eating themselves to death, yet feel powerless to change.

Meanwhile, fit people are eating merrily and celebrating a life of discipline, self-mastery, and abundant health. And the foundation of their success is eating for health instead of pleasure.

This one small distinction in thinking can make the difference between world-class health and an early grave. Difference 2 Fat people believe diets don't work Fit people believe people don't work. Americans have been programmed to believe diets don't work because of the inability of the average person to stick to them, and their unwillingness to take responsibility for their own failure. Make no mistake: many diets work very well. Because an individual lacks the mental toughness to stick to a diet doesn't make the diet any less effective.

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Fat people have a difficult time accepting responsibility for their own behavior, so they blame their diet. That's no different than a college graduate begging for money on the street and then blaming the school for his failure to succeed.

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This delusional thinking is a hallmark of the middle-class mindset. World class thinkers know the real problem lies in the thoughts, beliefs and philosophies of the individual.

The Weight Loss Trap: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

They know diets work, but people often don't. Exacerbating the delusion of the masses are the weight loss companies telling people getting fat isn't their fault. Of course, this makes fat people feel comfortable with their failures, and comfort is the most important thing to the middle-class consciousness.

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  • So in addition to unhealthy foods, they begin ingesting pre-packaged meals and magical pills that promise to turn them into the next supermodel. To add insult to injury, these diet companies have the audacity to brainwash the masses into believing losing and maintaining their weight will be easy and effortless.

    Fortunately for these companies and unfortunately for their customers, fat people want to believe this so badly, that they lie to themselves. Human history is filled with examples of the masses willingly deceiving themselves into believing things that aren't true for the sake of psychological comfort.

    They lack the mental and emotional toughness to cope with objective reality. All this self-deception eventually leaves the person frustrated, unhappy and fatter than ever.

    At the same time this preventable tragedy is occurring, fit people are taking advantage of brilliant diets and getting superior results. Difference 3 Fat people are waiting to be rescued from obesity Fit people know no one is coming to the rescue.

    So, You Want to Lose Weight and Keep It Off | SELF

    The middle-class mindset is famous for waiting for the hero on the white horse to rescue him from his problems. Whether it's their parents, the government, their spouse or the company they work for, many people have a deep rooted belief that it's someone else's responsibility to make them healthy, wealthy and happy. So when they get fat, not only do they blame the food companies and restaurants, they also expect something or someone to show up and save them from themselves.

    The great ones know if they get fat the only person who can save them is the man in the mirror. The mantra of the world world-class thinker has always been the same: I am responsible. When the average person cuts back on food consumption, the body sabotages dieting by automatically shifting into survival mode, reducing your metabolic rate.

    The problem is, anyone with a slow metabolism knows how difficult weight loss can be. Research Scientists Discover Natural Solution! Scientists have discovered a natural compound in olive oil called OEA that helps promote increased fat metabolism while helping manage appetite and food cravings. During this time I have not experienced any side effects and has helped me control my appetite. Because of that I eat less and as the weight has come off, the level of activity has gone up.

    My waist size has gone down. RiduZone is helping me reset my internal satiety mechanism to reduce my caloric intake and burn fat. US Government Oversight. OEA helps reduce calorie intake and enhance metabolism. Doctors were surprised to learn that OEA is also produced in the human body inside the small intestine, but only in small amounts that have little effect on appetite or body fat.

    While OEA is made from olive oil in the small intestine, one would have to drink nearly four gallons of pure olive oil every month. When taken in capsule form before a meal, OEA helps you feel full, faster and burns stored fat and reduces calorie intake. Dieters would have to drink 13 quarts of olive oil to consume the same amount of hunger-curbing OEA found in a single bottle of RiduZone. The following results, while impressive, are not to be considered normal or expected. It is provided to illustrate the fact that everyone is different, and your results will certainly vary.

    As always, consult with your healthcare professional before taking any nutritional supplement. After failing in previous diet attempts, Eric began using the Riduzone formula as directed. He lost 19 pounds the first month. Ten weeks later, he weighed pounds for a total loss of 63 pounds in 14 weeks. Riduzone helped reset my internal satiety mechanism, so I could reduce my caloric intake and begin to burn fat. Start Your Weight Loss Journey!

    The team behind RiduZone NutriForward LLC worked with scientists and doctors to create a supplement to help people regulate their appetite, weight and cholesterol.

    Can't Lose Weight? Why It's Not Your Fault and What to Do!

    By utilizing the science behind OEA, Riduzone is formulated to help ease the difficulty of managing our otherwise uncontrollable appetites. Burns Stored Fat for Energy! A clinical study published in the Journal of Lipid Research shows that higher blood levels of OEA, derived from olive oil, correlate to lower amounts of body fat.