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  2. Zavala, The New Hero On The Block
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Her father passed away when she was nineteen.

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He left her with a cabin in the mountains and apparently no funds to help her support herself. James was a hunter who lived close to Jacksonville, Florida. During hunting season, he always joined other hunters in a hunting club in South Georgia to hunt. One year, he decided to go to the mountains in North Carolina to try out his luck there.

Guide Zavala, The New Hero On the Block

This is where the paths of BeBe and James cross. True love is there!!! Be there to feel the emotions involved. This is a very powerful romantic story. Originally, he is from the Macon, Georgia area.

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He started his university training in his later years. Larry received the Ed.

This is his fifth and final degree. Larry has earned many awards and credentials in his life. In , even though he did not have an engineering degree, he was awarded the title "Engineering Specialist" while working as a design draftsman with electrical engineers on one of the first Saturn V projects in Huntsville, Alabama.


Zavala, The New Hero On The Block

Also, he has been awarded the title of "Mental Health Professional" while working with mental health consumers in groups and individual counseling. His hobbies include traveling, enjoying electric trains, and being an author. He is a live creature that is only ten inches long.

Two Chemistry professors developed two different mixtures that can change the size Zavala can change to four and increase the strength of any living thing or object. That was an experience that she would never forget. Solely worth it just to see Cayde-6 dab his way into our hearts.

Torres-Zavala, Alfredo (Dalton) -

Every week, Bungie selects three videos to highlight the Destiny 2 community. This week's winner of top Movie of the Week was the rap battle we didn't know we needed.

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  7. HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Mason's Zavala a force on both sides of ball.

The straight-laced Titan Zavala against the hilariously snarky Hunter Cayde It's the perfect set up. Even if you're not a fan of Destiny 2 , the cheesy puns and lore pokes are too good not to witness. Not only that, but despite it being a completely unrealistic setting for these two characters - Creative team Dan Bull and Harry Partridge still managed to keep the rap styles completely true to the characters - check it out below:. In other Destiny 2 news: For those worried about the paywall block after the MMO's first expansion Curse of Osiris released, Bungie has released an official statement regarding the situation.